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Celebrating Beauty and Style

Sedai Kotai Fashion offers a varied collection of designs owned by small business owners at affordable prices, and our payment and shipping options are simply unmatched. What are you waiting for? Start shopping online today and find out more about what makes us so special.

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Reason For Our Existence

The inspiration behind Sedai Kotai was the current change that our world so desperately needs. For so long, we've played by the rules. Now, it's time to change the game. Here at Sedai Kotai, we wish to help set a foundation and nurture our generation to a sustainable life and world, not only for us but for those who follow as well. We are creating this business as a base, catalyst, and home for that change. For the sake of that mission, we are asking that you grow your business, brand, or yourself as an individual, united alongside Sedai Kotai.

From music to personal fitness to beauty, we will provide a friendly and professional environment handled by our dedicated, hard-working, and focused customer service-oriented team. Why wait to start your dream and aspirations tomorrow, when you can start today?  Ask about how you can get started today!

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Our Service

How We Do It

The key to the growth and functionality of Sedai Kotai is in its ability to keep customers, clients/partners, and employees within the company. Once clients are brought in, our job is to help them grow in the intended aspect, and to do that we supply promotion, partnerships, potential motivated employees, and a stage/event to showcase their growth bi-annually across the country.

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How You Can Join and/or Support


Grow under Sedai Kotai today! Garner experience and showcase the dream that you've been wanting to for so long! Get a team willing to help with the tedious, long, and hard process of starting a business or a brand on your own. We fully believe you have the capabilities to do what you set your mind to do and we are here to give you a hand!


Support your friends and family in their personal growth by simply purchasing their items here from Sedai Kotai. We keep 100% transparency with our customers and the brands/people they are purchasing from. You will be able to clearly see what each business and brand stands for and how it correlates with the overall mission of Sedai Kotai. So no matter what you purchase, it will go towards bettering our world to the one you wish to live in!


Looking for a way to grow as a person and support the growth, as well as the necessary change needed in the world? Well, Sedai Kotai may be the home for you! The employees here are treated like family, with care, and like the invaluable people, they are! We work closely with our employees in finding where they would best fit in our company. Plus joining a startup is a perfect addition to your resume! Don't wait! Love what you do today!

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Image by Vincentiu Solomon


Executives of Sedai Kotai

Meet the team of individuals who will personally help you along your journey while here at Sedai Kotai. We are just college students like you, so we completely understand what may be going on in your life. We use this perception to make it easier for our generation to create a path best suited for themselves and those that follow.

About: Team Members

Chief Executive Officer


School: University of Central Florida
Major: Architectural Engineering/Design
Sign: Virgo
Hobbies: Likes to go to the gym, and is a small-time trader in the stock market. Meeting new people is his favorite thing to do.

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